Power Distribution Units

PDI has three PDU product lines with PDUs from 50 kVA to 1mVA:


  • PowerHub® PDUs range from 225 kVA  to 1 mVA in a central power distribution module with up to 14 large subfeeds.

  • PowerPak PDUs range from 50 to 300 kVA with efficient TP-1 transformers and offer considerable configuration flexibility. A PowerPak PDU can configure up to 8 panelboards, providing a large distribution network of up to 336 panelboard circuits and up to 12 subfeeds.

  • The ServerLine Profile PDU 50-150 kVA is a smaller kVA PDU in a ServerLine cabinet that can be located among server racks with a matching cabinet profile.


Power monitoring is available on all units, circuits, transformer inputs, and transformer outputs.

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