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Isolated Power Products

PG LifeLink has been the leading manufacturer of Isolated Power Panels and accessories since 1957. 


These products are installed in operating rooms and other NFPA 99 defined “Wet Procedure Locations” to protect the patient and caregivers from electric shock.


PG LifeLink's also offers commissioning, re-certification services, training and testing for all brands of Isolated Power Systems. 

As of 2018, PG LifeLink has made significant improvements to their Isolated Power Panel Line. 

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Recent Improvements

PG LifeLink's new Enhanced Isolated Power Panel line offers smaller panel sizes for increased space in the operating room as well as design changes built to increase convenience and usability.

New features include:

  • All single and duplex panels (up to 10 kVA) are six inches deep* (industry exclusive)

  • All specialty panels (up to 25 kVA) are 12” deep* (industry exclusive)

  • Duplex panel height reduced from 70” to 54”*

  • Standard door-in-door construction now provided with concealed hinges*

  • Top mounted transformers for improved heat management

  • Door mounted Line Isolation Monitor for ease of access

  • Flush mounted door lock

  • Eye level LIM placement, consistent across all models.

*Only PG LifeLink offers these as standard items.

Experience the PG LifeLink Advantage

Power safety is the foundation of our business.
Trust our experts to be your partner from design to installation and experience the PG LifeLink advantage.

  • Experience – With more than 55 years focused on critical power safety, thousands of hospitals across the world rely on PG LifeLink equipment to protect their patients and employees.

  • Technology – PG LifeLink has pioneered innovation in the power industry since the beginning. This includes the versatile Surgical Facility Panels of the 1960’s, the first Duplex and Dual Voltage Panels of the 1990’s, to today’s streamline LED LabLight and Mark V digital Line Isolation Monitor (LIM).

  • Engineering Assistance – Our Engineers can work with Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Planners to create solutions that fit the unique needs of each project. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

  • Responsiveness – Project quotations are provided within one day of request and drawing submittals are sent within two days of a purchase order.

  • Quick Delivery – Three to four week delivery commitment on most projects.

  • Buy American – PG LifeLink’s products are 100% assembled in the United States.

Isolated Power Systems:

  • Are designed to protect patients and personnel from electric shock in critical care areas

  • Maintain the continuity of power in the event of a first line-to-ground fault

  • Continuously monitor the cumulative hazard current from all connected equipment

  • All Isolated Power Panels include a digital Line Isolation Monitor, hospital grade isolation transformer and 100% assembled interior chassis.

As technology progresses, medical facilities rely more heavily on advanced electrical equipment for critical patient care. Special protection against electric shock is required by NFPA 99 (2015 Edition) Code and NEC (2014 Edition) to be installed in all “wet procedure locations”. Isolated Power Systems are the preferred method of achieving this protection where power interruption cannot be tolerated.

NFPA 99 (2015 Edition) Healthcare Code Requirements for Wet Procedure Locations:

  • 3.3.171 – "Wet Procedure Locations. The area in a patient care space where a procedure is performed that is normally subject to wet conditions while patients are present, including standing fluids on the floor or drenching of the work area, either of which condition is intimate to the patient or staff."

  • – "Operating rooms shall be considered to be a wet procedure location, unless a risk assessment conducted by the health care governing body determines otherwise."

  • – "Wet procedure locations shall be provided with special protection against electric shock."

In addition to Operating Rooms, "wet procedures" are often performed in other Category 1 (Critical Care) Areas. ED, L&D, Cath Lab, ICU, and Post-Op areas. These areas may pose an elevated safety risk of electrical shock to patients or caregivers due to contact with conductive fluids such as antiseptics, irrigation and body fluids. The Isolated Power System safely limits the first-fault ground current without interrupting the supply of power to critical equipment. GFCI protection is not recommended on any critical load that cannot have an interruption of power while in use.

Installing an Isolated Power System reduces the possibility of electrical shock for both patients and caregivers. Isolated Power Systems maintain power continuity for life support equipment and give advance warning of potential equipment failure.

Upgrades & Retrofits

Line Isolation Monitors often fail or become inaccurate due to age and normal wear and tear. Upgrading the LIM with a Retrofit Kit can extend the service life of the Isolated Power System and ensure compliance with NFPA 99 requirements.

Field Service & Maintenance

NFPA 99 Code requires Isolated Power Systems to be regularly tested. PG LifeLink offers Start-up Commissioning, Isolated Power Panel recertification, Annual Testing and upgrades for all brands of Isolated Power Systems.


LabLink Connection Products are essential to laboratory and research markets for the containment of power, data and lab gas services. LabLink products are fully customizable, pre-wired and pre-assembled and are designed to fit a variety of laboratory benches.

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