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Laboratory Connection Products
Laboratory Connection Products

Get Connected with LabLink

LabLink Connection Products are used for the containment and connectivity of power, communication, data, air, gas and vacuum services. These products provide versatile and functional solutions for many markets and applications most commonly research, private and educational laboratories. LabLink Connection Products are also installed wherever customized raceway connectivity is required. Most commonly, LabLink prodcuts are installed in laboratory spaces including universitymedicalpharmaceutical or researchlaboratories. In addition to laboratories, LabLink Connection Products are also often installed commercially in data centers or offices.

PG LifeLink specializes in providing flexible design options to meet your requirements. LabLink products are fully customizable, pre-wired and pre-assembled. This saves you valuable installation time while offering significant labor savings and eliminating on-site material scrap. Product offerings include Power Strips, Ceiling Service Panels, Service Pedestals, Power Poles, Overhead Service Carriers, LED LabLights and Aluminum Surface Metal Raceway Systems (Versa-Duct).

LabLink Product Features

  • Versatile solution for combining several services (power, communication, data, air, gas and/or vacuum) into one system

  • Fully customizable to meet your project’s specifications

  • Pre-cut, pre-wired and pre-assembled to save on installation costs and material waste

  • Manufactured from a durable and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

  • Clear satin anodized finish provides a modern aesthetic appeal

LED LabLights

A streamline LED under shelf task light offered in various lengths.

Surface Metal Raceways
Surface Raceway Materials

Versa-Duct Raceway materials are available in standard sizes with or without provisions (cutouts) for in-the-field wiring.

Laboratory Connection Products

Connectivity products designed to fit all varieties of laboratory furniture and/or project specifications.

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