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Surge Protection Devices (SPD's)

Our surge protectors are designed to protect your valuable equipment and electronics from damaging voltage spikes.

Spikes of voltage could be caused by things such as utility issues, nearby lightning strikes and more.

If unprotected, these spikes can leave your equipment severely damaged and irreplaceable.

Our Surge Protection Lines

PQ Protection is an exceptional line of surge protection devices, with industry leading technology and industry leading performance, tested and listed by UL to the current industry standards.

The features of PQ Protection are a valuable benefit to the facility owner with the unique technology to ensure reliable and continued protection during sustained and abnormal over-voltage events.

Plus, the internal thermal disconnect devices help ensure controlled behavior at end-of-life.

Additionally, redundant failure indication per phase and per mode, as well as an optional transient event counter, allowing the facility management to access further the circumstances of an event.

All backed by a Ten (10) Year Replacement Warranty.

Long looked upon as a premier manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential surge suppression equipment, LEA International continues today as an innovative leader in the design and engineering of MOV based series filters and parallel surge protection devices used in new construction, broadcast, military and alternative power markets.


Founded through its success with NASA in 1971, LEA's steadfast commitment to safety is unmatched in the market.


Our desire to continually provide customers confidence in the safety of their network is backed by our ongoing design and testing of products to UL 1449 3rd edition requirements.

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